June 17, 2011

Retail Therapy for a Bad Evening!

I just can't seem to get rid of this crud!  I've been sick since May 22...my birthday!  Pray that this stupid cough and wheezing goes away!  On the positive side I just learned that I have a beautiful new great nephew, Miles Wayne, born June  6th!

I just entered an order at JoAnne Fabric - for some texture templates; they are on sale.  I also found a coupon on the Retail Me Not site for free shipping and handling...yippee!  I saved almost as much as I spent!! very proud of myself other than I not suppose to spend on craft items at this time.  But it cheered me up from my "off" afternoon...if you know what I mean.  Shopping therapy!!!  I'll regret it terribly when my husband finds out though...LOL!  

For children of God, there is ultimate healing for each of us...

As children of God, our healing prayer can be:

“Heavenly Father, You are intimately aware of the struggle I am experiencing -- the pain and the despair. You know the desire of my heart to be healed of this illness. I ask now for Your healing touch. I know that You are able and that just like in Bible times, You can heal me.

“I also understand that You will chose what is best for me. I pray that through this trial, I will draw close to You -- that You will be my comfort and strength. I pray that ultimately, whatever happens, You will be glorified through me. I pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.”

Read more: http://www.allaboutprayer.org/healing-prayers.htm#ixzz1PWS37IYD


I have an account with Gina K Designs/Stamp TV and was going through their card gallery.  Very nice cards in their GALLERIES.  I have just touch the surface of their gallery.  HERE is my site there.  I am posting the cards I like so I can refer to them later.

Darlene is the owner of Dutch Papercrafts.

One of the gallery members card led me to this site: Dutch Papercrafts

Dutch Papercrafts has some great ideas and some wonderful products.  I am tempted; but not today maybe some other day when I need some retail therapy. They have some very nice "detailed" diecuts that you should check out... The blogsite also has videos so you can lean to use their products.

detailed diecut butterfly


Lisa M. is the owner of this blog...You Made Me Ink!

I also just subscribed to

There were a couple of cards that I like there. One in particular... Thank You Window which was inspired by Splitcoast Stampers - Tutorial Cards.  The card was entered into two different challenges; something I have never done yet.

One of them was:  Creative Inspirations Paint - Fun Fold Cards.  Their website is www.creativeinspirationspaint.com.  Their members who post to their gallery like to "think out of the box."

Creative Inspirations Paint also has some great ideas...Please check them out.  Have you ever made an explosion box?  There is a very beautiful one on their site.  You can check it out HERE!

It's funny how one blog can lead to several other blogs!  LOL...

I want to mention my friend at Creative Connections, Jeannie Kinney.  She has come so far in creating some wonderful cards.  She is a Stampin Up consultant and holds card classes as well as selling her cards.  Please check out her blogsite for all the projects she sells and can teach!  She is also a seamstress!  Something I could only dream of doing.

Creative Connection CLASS:

Don't forget my friend Jeannie at Creative Connections is having a card class this Saturday. From Facebook... my Facebook Friend also will have the NEW Stampin Up catalog at the class for you to look through! (this class is also mentioned HERE)

Creative Connections:  Saturday's workshop is Easter and Mother's Day cards. RSVP if you want to attend. I have an Easter treat for those who attend. Lunch is included. Next workshop is May 14th, Graduation and Father's Day cards. New stamps set every month!  Keep cheeking back with her blogsite because she is always having a card class.  If you have some friends and you want a class or show at your house; give Jeannie a call...

Vicky's card using one of their wonderful stamps.

I haven't mentioned my other creative friends in awhile and I miss them very much... Vicky and Jon at the Crackerbox Palace Rubber Stamps.  They have a store in 1321 West Court St, Janesville, WI 53548.  The phone number is 608.755.4638.

Crackerbox Palace Rubber Stamps also has an on-line store.  They sell various items including their own stamp designs.  Please take time out and visit their on-line store or drop in...tell them I sent you.  They are very fun and loving people!  Facebook...   

Crackerbox Palace Rubber Stamps have a Blog Spot which showcases their stamps... Both John and Vicky love humor. Their stamps are serious to light hearted and mostly made to make you smile.

Cbick's Ice Cream Card whick you can find on her blogsite!

The Crackerbox Palace Rubber Stamps also have a demonstrator and friend "Chick" who also has a blogsite: 

Vicky and Chick have been together a long time and they BOTH do terrific work.  They are extremely helpful if you have any questions too.

We are
People who need to love, because
Love is the soul's life,
Love is simply creation's greatest joy.

'til next time,


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