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September 6, 2010

Fuller's Kidswear: Infant & Children's Clothing

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My Dad has been disabled (legally) since 1984 and has recently undergone brain surgery (February 2010) and two knee surgeries (March 2010).  My Dad is trying to supplement his family's income with an on-line store named Fuller's Kids Wear.

Infant and Children's Clothing
These products are from closeout/liquidation businesses.


Fuller's Kidswear
Check out the site daily to find the deals.
The inventories don't last long and
New items are added daily. 

Name brand, top-of-the-line kids wear that are the rage of children today - clothes you'll find on display at leading department stores at twice our list price. They are not talking about seconds or damaged products. These clothes are in perfect factory condition, impeccably tailored by some of the nations most distinguished names in children's apparel. They carry a wide variety of kids wear for boys and girls of all ages.

They offer the added advantage of shopping on line. You won't have to compete with huge crowds at department stores to cash in on these outstanding values and they guarantee fast service. 

You have nothing to lose and
A lot to gain by checking out...
Fuller's Kidswear

If you're not 100% thrilled with the merchandise or
the price you paid, send it back for a full refund.


Parent company:

Thank you so much!

'til next time,


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