January 25, 2011

"Scraping in the UK! " Sounds like a good '80s song; doesn't it...

I was going thru my routine homage to YouTube How-tos and found this cute monochromatic card...by MACM

Pretty sweet - don't you agree.

My daughter and her husband are trying to decide if they can afford to add onto their house...they could use another bedroom and bathroom.  With the economy and thier finances tight I've been doing some research and she has been doing research...and we are just not sure what to do.  They are young and haven't built up much equity yet. 

Jim and I live in a three bedroom home for just the two of us.  Doesn't seem fair.  I sure feel for today's young/couples trying to make it in the job market and raise a family. 

I can tell you it isn't hasn't been that easy for Jim and I either.  We are older now...with only a couple of more years to pay for our house.  Slowly, we have been remodeling and raising our family - 20 years!  And now it's time to start all over fixing it up all over again!!! with painting, and flooring.... when does it ever stop??? 

The house is worth less now compared to a couple of years ago...only because of the economy.  Houses are just not selling right now in our "neck of the woods."  I just thank God every day that Jim still has his job. 

I have just received my second magazine from Cardmaking & Papercraft.  

The magazine is from the UK and they claim to be the best cardmaking magazine in the UK.  I discovered that I really like it.  The magazine is just eing launched in the United States.  I decided to get it out of curiousity.  I wanted to see the type of cardmaking being done in the UK. 

Unlike the other crafting magazines, this magazine is sent with a free sample of "something" with each issue.  My first issue I got some nice "Bentley Bear" chipboards and today attached - was a stack of "Kate Knight" paper... pretty decorative paper sheets, borders and greetings.  The magazine even showed several "thank you" cards using the freebies (created by Jo Nevill).  I think I am going to like this magazine;) 
PeeJay's Crafty Bits had a nice article on promarker storage.  

PeeJay has some nice Freebies on her site too; just remember her requirements for utilizing them.  I found PeeJay purely by accident; she was one of my 9165 emails in my in-box (ok, I need to go through my email)...but I discovered that she is based on the South Coast in the UK!  So I guess I am blogging UK today. LOL. 

HERE is PeeJay's Gallery.

PeeJay also has another blogsite:  PeeJay's Rambling's.  Looks like PeeJay likes to cook too and has found some inspiration that she shares on her "Rambling's" site.  The banana and pecan loaf looks yummy!!!  I think I'm keeping in touch with this site...it's got to be good because PeeJay claims to be a proud grandma!  and so am I. LOL. 

Over the years I have come across a lot of UK crafters as well as Australian crafters. They have some top notch ideas that I totally fell in love with.

GRANDMA... gave Andrew a bath last night and he had so much fun! It would seem that Grandma put in to much (way to much) tear-free bubble bath!!! Bubbles were flowing onto the floor.  LOL. My daughter, Michelle, thought it was pretty funny too.  Grandpa kinda frowned upon it...it was quit sloppy on the floor.  Grandma cleaned up the overflo.  The good news is the bathroom floor is really clean!


GRANDPA... was very dirty and tired from working on nephew's, Ryan, Jeep. He was done for the day and that is when he discovered Andrew and I playing in the bubbles! LOL...  Jim helping his nephew restore his Jeep.  It is in our garage until Uncle Jim gets done with it.  Then we get to take it back to Nebraska.

TODAY, was rather yucky out but my sweet grandson got to go to the park.  My grandson, Andrew, went on a short sled ride with his dad, Louie. The park is located at the end of our street - so his daddy didn't have to pull him too far.  My son-in-law tried out his cross country skies today for the first time and pulled Andrew (in his little red sled). It was just too cute for words! so here are some pictures...

Andrew is two years old. 
He loves the outdoors but not the mittens!

Louie put's on his new skis and its off to the park!
As you can see we have had some snow lately...

That's our green house in the background.  I am so blessed.  My daughter and her family live right across the street from us.  My son lives just outside of town.  Lucky, Lucky Me....

'til next time,


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