March 16, 2011

Overcome Low Self-Esteem

Something that YOU need to know

There is something that I need to tell you

Something that YOU need to know

I want you to please read what I write here as the video plays

Know that these words are meant for YOU, right now.

You are unique

You are warm and kind

You are sensitive

You rare honest and fair

You are caring

You are loving and lovable

You are intelligent

You are creative

You have a good sense of humor

You are competent

You are sensitive

You are enjoyable

You are productive

You are efficient

You are persistent

You are generous

You are independent

You are one of a kind

You are special

You are a worthy person

Your self-esteem is growing daily

All you have to be is you’

Your life is meaningful

Your life is important

You know that everyone makes mistakes

You now learn from your mistakes

You don’t have to be perfect

Just be perfectly you

You have many good qualities

The real you is likeable

The real you Is loveable

You know it’s healthy to have high self-esteem

The more you accept yourself

The more you accept others

From this moment you promise

To accept yourself

To accept others

To love yourself

To love others

You promise to be the real you

You have never felt this good before

This is how you are meant to feel

You are becoming the best you can be

You feel relieved to know how good you are

You can really live!

You are now free, to be the real you

By: Paul from Stoke UK

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