November 12, 2009

I've Been So Busy...

I know I haven't posted for a while but I have been busy with so many showers, friends, family, and most importantly my grandson Andrew and ....planning a vacation.

I'm not to please about vacation this year because my grandson will have his 1st birthday while we are gone!!! If the weather gets bad on our return home I'll miss his first Christmas too.

I like being a grandma...I call him my little buddy. He has me tied right around his little pinkie.
I bought a "Photo Cube Studio Light Tent Box Kit" so I can take better photos of my cards... I haven't tried it yet. I guess I'm a little afraid of it. When I get back from vacation I'll make it a priority to learn how to use it so I can take some pictures of some of the cards and scrapbook pages I have done. I would like to share with you some things I've done. But for now I'm letting my friend Jeannie try it out...her blog is Kindred Spirits Kards. Jeannie is more technically advanced than me.

My husband and I have taken his dad on vacation for the last two years during the month of December. We try to hide from the snow. LOL. My husband hates cold, as well as shoveling. I take pity on them and plan a whole month of travel. We drive about 4000 miles! I get the back seat and my father-in-law the front. This way I can do what ever I need to do to stay sane...I sleep a lot while they enjoy each others company. I take lots of pictures while on vacation. I still need to develop some from last year! The guys say I take too many pictures while I say, "You can never take enough!"

Our first stop is Branson, MO. We have never been to Branson before and I hear that the Christmas lights are fantastic. We booked a couple of shows too. After Branson we are going further south...Nacogdoches, TX (pronounced /ˌnækəˈdoʊtʃɪs/). Eventually we will end up at South Padre Island, TX for a week. This will be our 3rd holiday there with Dad. Jim and I have been there 5 years in a row this year! I think we are slowly becoming Winter Texans!!! Another "new" for us will be Grand Canyon Skywalk. Dad and Jim really want to see this engineering feet. On our way home we will stop at Lincoln, NE to visit Jim's two nephews and their family. We will be at Tombstone, AZ too...another yearly pilgrimage. We enjoy running into local Celebrity artist, Mark Brown. We've purchased three of his pieces that were absolutely amazing - he is an extremely generous person. My husband, Jim, loves the ribs at the Crystal Palace Saloon - you can also find Mark selling his pictures here. Tombstone is a very friendly place to visit.


The Crackerbox Palace Rubber Stamps is blogging...go Vicky and John!!! Good luck and enjoy your blogging time. Thank you for asking me for input on your blogging journey. I pray you will get a lot of hits on your new site...XOXO.

The last time I was at the Crackerbox Palace store I took some pictures. I'm going to bring it to the store every time [if I can remember] so I can take pictures of their card samples...always looking for ideas;)

For all of you following my blog, Thanks for stopping by! -and please visit the Crackerbox Palace site too. Tell them Connie sent you...

May we always remember to support
our men and women in the military!

I went to a great Veteran's Day service in Hanover, IL. They hold it every year on September 11 at 11:00 a.m. My father-in-law belongs to the VFW post there. The vets there are very active in the community. They have a wonderful fundraiser comming up this Friday...all you can eat catfish! and my whole fammily is going. Yummy!!! I need to mention some sites that support our military. Take some time out and "thank" a military person and veteran.

(formally known as "Cards for Heroes")

'til next time,


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